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WSBI helps banks boost branch performance through simulation training

Branch managers sharpen decision-making skills during banking sector era of change

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​​​BRUSSELS, 20 April 2016 – WSBI is currently providing simulation training on branch management to a group of 14 bankers in Dakha – capital and largest city of Bangladesh. 

The training is the outgrowth of a Memorandum of Cooperation signed last year between global savings and retail banking association WSBI and the Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management​ – the national training, research, consultancy and education institute on banking and finance collectively owned by all banks that are in operation in the country. 

Simulation training

A highly-interactive, “hands on” course, it brings successful results in terms of highly effective branch management. A simulation-based programme, branch performance management trainees are are placed in a learning-based “hot seat”, requiring business decisions to be made around a host of issues such as marketing, distribution, IT, human resources and financial management. Branch managers sharpen their decision-making skills needed to boost retail bank branch performance.

​The need for high performance branch management comes during a period of profound change in the banking sector. Intense distribution channels diversification – especially from the digital wave sweeping the sector, - and overhaul of the branch role requires a rethink. The course enables bank managers to better discern the right allocation of technological, human and financial resources between the different channels and in particular, within the bank branch. 

By optimizing branch use, the course contributes to improve savings and retail banks’ role in propel more savings by depositors and make it easier for people to gain access to financial services. 

>> WSBI-ESBG training and consultancy services

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