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Socially responsible banking: in our DNA

​​​BRUSSELS, 18 April 2016 – WSBI-ESBG are committed to CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.  

​In line with saving and retail banking's self-help roots, our CSR work aims at creating welfare, raising awareness around CSR issues, identifying trends and creating opportunities for dialogue.  

We also seek to engage with other stakeholders and bring forward our members' responsible business model, which is based on values outlined by the Three "Rs": retail, regional, responsible

ESBG strives to participate in all relevant EU and international initiatives and fora, adding its value and longstanding experience in the field.


A sustainable banking model: crucial to financing the real economy

A sustainable banking model provided by embedded CSR practices is crucial to financing the real economy, leading the way to a competitive social market economy. WSBI and ESBG advocate continuing with its engagement in all relevant CSR initiatives at European level and international level. The development of CSR should be led by enterprises themselves, as they are best placed to design a sustainable strategy according to their business model, their needs and the expectations of their partners. A level-playing field in the adoption of responsible practices is essential, making it the responsibility of all entities and not only of the business community. In addition, prescriptive regulatory frameworks should be avoided when fostering CSR, as this would hamper social innovation, a driver of CSR.

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