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Management and Leadership

WSBI provides consultancy and coaching on strategy implementation: definition, organisation, project management, and follow-up with all the necessary assessment and reporting tools. Within this framework, WSBI provides management expertise as regards the alignment of the management committee’s members to the company strategy, with the objective of improving communication and transparency and reinforcing the group’s cohesion and commitment. This expertise is provided under the format of collective and/or individual coaching sessions. 

Coaching on “Change management, leadership, communication and team motivation - 3 to 4 Days

At a glance: This course focuses on building values and transforming these values into a new management culture leading to more cooperation and motivation throughout one’s daily activities. The course also empowers managers to develop skills as leaders and enable them to communicate effectively, develop and strengthen existing and future teams. It provides a lively and engaging learning forum on the leadership challenges facing managers within today’s changing environment.

Our target Banks, MFI, micro-entrepreneurs, corporate sector, local authorities: senior managers. We also provide individual coaching to the same targets by Skype and telephone.

Bank management and leadership - 2 to 3 days with simulation game -4 to 5 days

At a glance The management of a modern bank must create a vision for the institution, define a coherent strategy and realise strategic ideas with:
- suitable measures such as calculation of interest rates and other prices;
- strong portfolio management;
- marketing and advertising;
- and performance-oriented management of human resources.

Participants in the bank management simulation seminar test the consequences of taking major management decisions in different economic environments over five periods of time. The seminar helps participants to develop or improve management skills that are normally acquired only after a number years in practice: 2 to 3 days
Simulation game: The computer-based business simulation focuses are: Strategic thinking, planning, liquidity management, risk management, asset and liability management, decisions regarding HR, interest rates and fees, marketing, equity investments: 4 to 5 days

Our target Bank senior and potential managers.