​How to participate


The Award acknowledges academic work that addresses either the evolution of financial systems or savings in the community in general. WSBI-ESBG particularly encourages research into the history of savings and retail banks, and studies that address the day-to-day development and work of savings and retail banks.

Submissions to the Savings and Retail Banking History Award should be written in a clear, understandable, narrative style. They should be suitable for both publishing in academic/savings banks professional circles and study by a wider audience.

Entries must comply with the criteria laid out in the Official Rules, and must be submitted to WSBI-ESBG by email before 31 July 2016.

Applicants should address their submissions to the WSBI-ESBG-Secretariat for the attention of Ms Nancy Lockkamper, Archivist, and send them to nancy.lockkamper@wsbi-esbg.org.

For practical information, please contact your country's national contact. See the list of country contacts.

WSBI-ESBG will contact and announce the finalists before 30 September 2016.